SecureEmail For Outlook 2010™ 

SecureEmail For Outlook 2010™ allows any Microsoft Outlook user to send and receive encrypted emails to and from other SecureEmail For Outlook 2010™ users, whether over a corporate network or over the public internet. Messages are encrypted using the latest encryption technology. Only the sender and recipient can decrypt and read an email message, thereby making it unreadable to anyone else. SecureEmail For Outlook 2010™ is installed as an Outlook add-in. Microsoft Outlook is required in order to use SecureEmail For Outlook 2010™. Microsoft Exchange Server is NOT required.

You can view complete documentation on SecureEmail For Outlook 2010™, including installation instructions, system requirements, and usage by clicking here.

The Free Edition of SecureEmail For Outlook 2010™ is fully functional and never expires, but it limits you to emails of 250 characters or less. Download your copy now!

The Professional Edition of SecureEmail For Outlook 2010™ has all the features of the Free Edition, plus your message size is unlimited! Purchase your copy now for only $9.95!